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IEI respects your right to privacy, and this privacy policy covers your privacy rights regarding how we collect, use, disclose, transfer, store and safeguard your personal information.
You accept this Privacy Policy when you visit, sign up for, access, use the services or functions offered on IEI website. Please take a moment to familiarize yourself with our privacy practices and let us know if you have any questions.
1.Policy of Information Collection and Use
IEI collects information based on "Personal Information Protection Act", and for the following purposes: customize the advertisements and content, monitor web interaction, analyze trends, improve performance and content, study the needs of customers more closely, fulfill your requests for some products and services, inform you of our special events and new products, contact you, and provide anonymous reporting for internal and external customers.
We may collect and use information as followings:
1.1  Information you give us
After you register on IEI website as a member, we use the personal information you provide only, within certain limitation in our services, to design services and activities, inform you of online and offline offers, products, services, and customize your shopping processes, or share with our business partners, distributors, integrators, and customers.
1.2   e-mail and Advertisement
We send you banner advertisements or e-mails indicated "Sent by IEI" with your consent in advance. If you do not want to receive such mailing from us, you can easily get instructions or functions of how to opt-out from the links or from receiving the advertisements, e-mails, or eDMs.
1.3  Cookies
For more convenient or personal services and easier personalized interactions, IEI website will set cookies when you register or login and will modify cookies when you logout. We use cookies for statistics of page views and analysis of browser types to better understand about browsing records and improve services to customers. We will not use the cookies for any improper or malicious means.
A cookie is the kind of recognizable short data, which is sent to your browser from a website's server and stored in your computer's hard drive to distinguish preferences of users. If allowed by your Internet browser, every website could send cookies to your browser. However, for protecting your privacy, your Internet browser only allows the website to gather cookies which sent by the website itself.
IEI website may configure and get cookies from your computer. We allow the companies who post advertisements on our website to access cookies from your computer but other advertisers are not allowed.
1.3.1 Your Choices of Cookies
You can configure your Internet browser to accept all cookies, to block all cookies or to receive a warning when a cookie is set. If choosing to block all cookies, you may not use some personal services(such as personalized information)or engage some activities. You can still use most of the services of IEI website even if you do not accept cookies.
1.3.2 How We Use Cookies
We use cookies in certain ways as below:
•      Keep track of your preferences or behaviors while you are using IEI website. (i.e. The language you choose to browse on IEI website);
•      Display the most appropriate advertising banners based on your interests and activity on IEI website;
•      Estimate and report visitors' number and traffics;
•      Conduct research and survey to improve content and services.
1.3.3 The Cookies send by third Parties
IEI website allows other companies to show advertisements on our pages to set and access cookies in your computer. These companies' use of their cookies is subject to their own privacy policies. We are not responsible for the privacy policy of other websites.
1.4   IP Address
IEI website automatically receives and records your IP address which your browser sent us on our server when you login our website. We will store your IP address in our user-registration database. IP addresses may be used for various purposes, including but not limited to :
•    send the most appropriate banners based on geographic area or information derived from your IP address. Many IP addresses are commonly associated with Internet service providers, educational institutions, government organizations or major corporations. Collected information derived from IP addresses may also be reported to advertisers;
•  estimate the total number of visitors from specific countries or regions all over the world;
•  help to identify customers.
1.5 Information Storage
We may collect and store information (including personal information) locally on your device using mechanisms such as browser web storage and application data caches.
1.6 Account Information
After registering and becoming a member of IEI website, you can update your personal information by logging in with your ID and password.
A temporary copy of your registration information is routinely backuped to prevent accidental loss of your information in case of an unexpected server breakdown or human error. IEI website keeps your account information active in our user-registration databases in order to provide immediate access to your personal information each time you visit IEI website.
Any personal information that we have copied may keep in the backup database for a specific period of time after your deletion request. Therefore, your personal information might possibly keep in our archived records for a while after your account has been deleted.
1.7 Log Files
IEI website's servers which send your web pages and advertising banners process and store an amount of information in so-called "log files" on a regular time schedule. These log files are used for analysis, research, auditing, and other purposes. Your information is stored in log files of some IEI website's active servers, until the information is transferred to the backup database.
1.8 Network Advertisers and Third-Party Ad Servers
Most of the advertisements, which are sent to your web browser, are made by us. However, we also allow other companies, called third-party ad servers or ad networks, to provide advertisements on IEI website. These companies may also send cookies to your computer.
If an advertiser asks IEI website to show advertisements to certain visitors and you respond to that ad, the network advertiser or ad-server may think you as of the targeted audience they are trying to reach.
The personal information you disclose to other parties such as network advertisers, third-party ad servers, or other websites from the Internet are protected by their different privacy policies. These privacy policies of different network advertisers or third-party ad servers are not bound to "IEI Privacy Policy". We are not responsible for their own privacy policies.
2. Policy of Information Sharing and Disclosure
In some circumstances below, your personal information may be disclosed to other people or companies in the normal scope of business:
•   We share your personal information to our trusted service providers such as information processing, fulfilling customer orders, delivering products to you, managing and enhancing customer data, providing customer service, assessing your interest in our products and services, and conducting customer research or satisfaction surveys, that work on behalf or with us .
•   We may also share your personal information with the financial institutions that we partner with to jointly create and offer our Services or Banking partners as required by credit card association rules
•      We disclose your personal information before preparing and providing services   
or products which you need; with your prior consent or to sign a contact with you.
•   We disclose personal information necessary by law, legal process, litigation, and/or requests from public and governmental authorities within or outside your country of residence or when the public interest is involved.
•   We disclose personal information in order to enforce our terms and conditions or protect our operations or users.
•      We disclose personal information to maintain and improve products, services for management or other purposes.
3. Confidentiality and Security
We always do our best to protect your online privacy and personal information. We limit access to your personal information to our employees who need the information to complete their work for you 
For your confidentiality and security, we use ID and password to secure your personal information. If necessary, we use SSL (Secure Socket Layers) encryption to protect your personal information against loss or theft as well as unauthorized access and disclosure to protect your privacy.
It is important for you to protect your ID, password, or any personal information. Do not disclose your personal information (especially password) to anyone. When you finished using our services, please do not forget to logout your account. If you use a shared computer, whether it's in a public or private setting, be sure to sign off and close your browsers when finished using it.
4. Modify and Terminate Your Personal Information and Account
You can modify your personal information and account setting and have the rights to opt-in or opt-out special promotion activities and new services at any time.
You also can ask us to terminate your account any time by contacting with our webmaster. We will delete your account information from our user-registration databases as soon as possible.
5. Children's Privacy Protection
We normally do not collect personal information of children under the age of 12 on purpose. If finding the personal information, which we collected, belongs to children, we'll delete it immediately. Without parents or guardians' approval, children are not allowed to use any services or do business transactions on IEI website.
6. Changes to this Privacy Policy
We may change or amend this Privacy Policy at any time if necessary. These changes are made at the sole discretion of IEI. We will make all reasonable attempts to notify you of significant changes in the way we handle your personal information by placing an obvious notice on IEI website.
If you have any question about IEI Privacy Policy, please contact with IEI by email (sales@iei.com.tw) or by mailing to the following address.
IEI Integration Corp.
ATTN: Marketing
No. 29, ZhongXing Rd,
Xizhi Dist.,
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